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Looking for a God that's big enough for all of us? 

Welcome to Unity Church of Raleigh, a neighborhood spiritual community sharing positive, practical Christianity since 1974.  The Daily Word church, we use affirmative prayer, meditation, and our 5 Unity Principles to help people live into their unique, personal expression of God. Our goal? To bring more love, light, and laughter to the planet! We are a place where people feel good.  Join us!

Sunday Celebration Service

Join us Sunday, October 1, at 10:30 a.m. for Rev. Ellen Barron at UCR and livestreamed on our UCR Facebook page, YouTube, and below. Rev. Ellen's talk title is What Does Surrender Mean To You? 

We often hear that the spiritual journey requires us to surrender and let go.  What is this asking of us?  How are we to navigate life situations that are upsetting and challenging?  How are we to respond when our relationships are difficult?  Could surrendering mean letting go of your personal made-up judgment of things?  That you must let go of the part of you that thinks it has the right to like or dislike life's results or that the moment in front of you must be a certain way.  Spirituality is coming into harmony with reality instead of your personal self.  I surrender to my own unfolding!

Rev. Ellen's October 8 message title is The Gift of the Moment.

Love what you're seeing? Energized, hope-full, and faith-full after watching our service? Give to Unity Church of Raleigh. 

Prayer and Meditation

Oct-2023-ZealMelanie Raskin
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Need prayer? Request confidential Prayer Team support here or call the church office at (919) 870-7364.  Our movement's Silent Unity is also available for online prayer support or phone requests at 1-816-969-2000. 

Join us for in-person guided meditations on Sunday mornings in our Prayer Chapel, 10:00 till 10:15, before the 10:30 celebration service. Recorded meditations are also available on our You Tube channel and at Silent Unity.


 Living Untethered Class,  Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 p.m.
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 Prayer Ministry Meeting,  Thursday, 10/5, 7:00 p.m.
Now Open! Unity Holistic Wellness Center Treatment Room
UCR Treatment Room
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