Looking for a God that's big enough for all of us? 

Welcome to Unity Church of Raleigh, a neighborhood spiritual community sharing positive, practical Christianity since 1974.  The Daily Word church, we use affirmative prayer, meditation, and our 5 Unity Principles to help people live into their unique, personal expression of God. Our goal? To bring more love, light, and laughter to the planet! We are a place where people feel good.  Join us!

UCR: Changing Lives, Making a Difference

Prayer and Meditation

Need prayer? Request confidential Prayer Team support using the Connect Form or call the church office at (919) 870-7364.  Our movement's Silent Unity is also available for online prayer support or phone requests at 1-816-969-2000. 

Join us for in-person guided meditations on Sunday mornings in our Prayer Chapel, 10:00 till 10:15, before the 10:30 celebration service. 

 Additional meditations are available on our You Tube channel and at Silent Unity.

September - The Power of Order Prayer
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Sunday Celebration Service

Join us this Sunday, 10/2, at 10:30 a.m. for our own Rev. Ellen Barron at UCR and livestreamed on our UCR Facebook page, YouTube, and below. Rev. Ellen's talk title is Harnessing Your Zeal.

Do you wake up excited, enthusiastic, joyful, and full of zeal for the day? The answer is often far short of a Yes for many of us. So, how can we channel the energy of zeal for a more colorful and joy-filled life? Is it true that we can set in motion zeal, that potent energy and life force, in a way that will drive our lives to their full potential?  On Sunday, we’ll learn how we can open to the Truth that zeal is inner-motivated, constant, durable, persistent, and dependable because it flows from a spiritual source within us. Join me as we explore how to harness the power of zeal and get it working in our lives.

We provide care for young children in our cheery, sunny classroom during the service.

Love what you're seeing? Energized, hope-full, and faith-full after watching our service? Give to Unity Church of Raleigh. 

The Gift of Order

Each month we focus on a different Power which is a spiritual gift or ability that we each have within us and can use for our highest and best good. In September, we are studying the Power of Order. These short clips from the 9/4 service summarize this gift of Spirit, and include a yoga pose that reinforces this Power. To see more Powers, visit our Beliefs page.

Classes and Events

New Class!
Abundance: The Inner Path to Wealth, Starts 9/28
The Power of Zeal Workshop,
Sunday, 10/2, 11:45 a.m.
Yoga Class 
10:00 Wednesdays