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UCR's Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement:

Unity Church of Raleigh, in alignment with Unity Worldwide Ministries, is a welcoming community where we meet to share love, laughter, and joy while growing in faith. Our mission is to transform lives through affirmative prayer, meditation, and teaching the Five Unity Principles of positive, practical Christianity.

Vision Statement:

To be recognized as an inclusive, loving and fun-filled spiritual community, as we learn to accept that all Good is within us, always expressing, as we let Divine love and wisdom guide our every choice.

Our Values:

ONENESS:  We realize that we are one in Spirit -- we live fully, joyously, and harmoniously with all creation.

INCLUSIVITY:  We welcome people of all backgrounds and spiritual origins with love, peace, and non-judgment.

COMMITMENT:  We know that love can heal all things. Therefore, we are committed to being loving and caring, freely giving peace to ourselves and others.  We see all our neighbors in this world as God’s children.

GIVING:  Our spiritual community continues to thrive by sharing our time, talent, and treasure to support this ministry, as well as other outreach projects locally and internationally.

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